Microcontrollers, robots etc... w/qcam

Hello everyone,

	I am currently trying to use the  color quickcam for  
robotic vision applications. One of the biggest problems that I am  
facing is the frame rate. I seem to be getting around 3-4 fps. This  
is a bit too slow for real-time vision synthesis (especially for a  
robot that moves at about 6 m/s).

	 I have not tried th b/w quickcam yet. How much faster are  
they? Also, is my current frame rate slower than the average frame  
rate on the color quickcam (32 bpp 160X120 transSc=4 brightness=120   
EPP || port  Pent. Pro 200 w/ 64MB RAM). The color in the quickcam  
makes object recognition faster, but if the b/w quickcam is  
significantly faster, the overall system will also be significantly  

	I am also trying to incorporate a device that can  
manipulate the position of the camera. Microcontrollers would  
probably be the best way. From the current discussion on  
microcontrollers, does anyone happen to have any suggestion?