Re: Microcontrollers, robots etc... w/qcam

Mahesh writes:
> 	I am also trying to incorporate a device that can  
> manipulate the position of the camera. Microcontrollers would  
> probably be the best way. From the current discussion on  
> microcontrollers, does anyone happen to have any suggestion?

I've made a PIC 16C63-based servo controller and a two-axis Cam
platform.  The servo controller reads serial data at 1200 baud,
and positions up to eight servos.  Servos (if you're not familiar
with them) are used in radio-controlled airplanes and cars, and
they're great for hobby use of all kinds.  You send a pulse to them
(between 1 and 2mS wide), and the servo turns to a position
proportional to the pulse width.  The feedback needed to control
the shaft position is all inside the servo casing.

If you don't want to spend a lot of time learning about PIC
programming (and buying the programming hardware, software, etc),
Scott Edwards Electronics makes a "Mini-SSC" controller that does
the same thing, and costs around $50.  I don't have the Mini-SSC,
but I've heard good things about it.