Re: Microcontrollers, robots etc... w/qcam

> facing is the frame rate. I seem to be getting around 3-4 fps. This  
> rate on the color quickcam (32 bpp 160X120 transSc=4 brightness=120   
> EPP || port  Pent. Pro 200 w/ 64MB RAM). The color in the quickcam  

on a 486/100, I can get 15 fps (DOS, bw qcam, NON-bidir parallel port, 160x120, 
6bpp) WITH hough transform between each frame (for line detection). Same
kind of application, although the bot was much slower.
Needless to say that for a more general pattern detection using FFT, most
of the time is used by the 256x256 FFT (maybe not on a ppro, but at least
on a 486)

> 	I am also trying to incorporate a device that can  
> manipulate the position of the camera. Microcontrollers would  
> probably be the best way. From the current discussion on  
> microcontrollers, does anyone happen to have any suggestion?

just for the position, 1684 is fine. As I was told, it is not a good choice
for transfering the data from the camera because of its VERY limited memory
(and few ports)