Re: Microcontrollers, robots etc... w/qcam

Mahesh Saptharishi <mahesh@gussolomon.ius.cs.cmu.edu> said something that
vaguely resembled:
> 	I am also trying to incorporate a device that can  
> manipulate the position of the camera. Microcontrollers would  
> probably be the best way. From the current discussion on  
> microcontrollers, does anyone happen to have any suggestion?

I've been thinking about doing this myself.  The solution I came up with
would be two servos, one mounted on the other, with the camera mounted on
the second servo.  The two servos could be easily controlled via a number
of microcontrollers, but since I've got a Miniboard sitting around
(MC68HC11-based, kit from MIT), I was just planning on using that...it's
wonderful for quick servo control, either from onboard programs or in real-time
over an RS232 port.


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