e: Microcontrollers, robots etc... w/qcam

mahesh@gussolomon.ius.cs.cmu.edu,Internet writes:
>	I am also trying to incorporate a device that can  
>manipulate the position of the camera
>. Microcontrollers would  
>probably be the best way. From the current discussion on  
>ocontrollers, does anyone happen to have any suggestion?

The Motorolla 68HC11 is a fine little device for such an application, I've
used it in robotic motion control applications in the past, it's a
marvelous device, low power, inexpensive, RAM/ROM/EEPROM, timers, serial
data, flexible I/O, alalog inputs, etc...!   I have all the development
tools compiled for Linux if you need them.

Mike Sharkey
X11 Development
SoftArc Inc.

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