Re: XFqcam

>> Hmm, I have two problems with XfQcam...
>> 1. It doesn't always find the camera. Once out of 5-6 tries it will. Its 
>>    fine if I tell it where the camera is.

Me too. As near as I can tell, both xfqcam and nv using libqcam 0.3
are nondeterministic about whether if finds a camera. This is ok with
xfqcam because I just tell it where the camera is (although even then,
I have trouble unless I run as root - not setuid. Weird, huh?). For nv
it's a problem, but if I first run xfqcam (specifying the port by
hand) and then run nv, it always works.

>Here's a question for everyone withproblems finding the camera:
>What kernel version are you using?

1.3.45 here.

>I changed back to 1.2.13 later because 1.3.57 doesn't seem to work with ppp.

(the kernel driver changed - I rebuilt pppd from sources to make it go
with 1.3.45.)

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