Re: XFqcam

On Sun, 28 Jan 1996, Jonathan Bradshaw wrote:

> Hmm, I have two problems with XfQcam...
> 1. It doesn't always find the camera. Once out of 5-6 tries it will. Its 
>    fine if I tell it where the camera is.

Here's a question for everyone withproblems finding the camera:
What kernel version are you using?

The reason I ask is because I got fed up with having to readjust the
brightness/contrast setting, and set different default values in the

I had been having problems getting xfqcam to work earlier, but I 'upgraded'
to kernel 1.3.57 and lo, xfqcam worked. I changed back to 1.2.13 later
because 1.3.57 doesn't seem to work with ppp. xfqcam still worked. Then,
2 minutes ago, tried to recomplie xfqcam.

It didn't detect a camera.

Anyone else having problems and using 1.2.13?

>    [...] If I try to force one by changing the source,
>    it segfaults on me.  Any ideas?  Exceed is prolly the best Xwindows
>    server for the PC I know of!

Ok, your problem is that you're using a micro$oft product. You're going
to want to get rid of that...


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