Re: load & brightness

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, Kent Moat wrote:

> It would be nice to have a video camera driver interface that is general
> enough to work with many different video cameras. That way we can reuse
> the user level tools with video drivers for other cameras as well.

I don't know how standardized you can make it, with different video 
cameras.  Different cameras are probably going to be fairly different 
(i.e. resolutions supported, parameters like white bal., etc).  This is 
why I suggested using /dev/qc0ctl as the device to set the device 
independant things.  Is this the first digital camera driver in Linux?  I 
believe it is in FreeBSD (but there is work on drivers for things like 
the Matrox framegrabber?).

> Does anyone know if Sun or SGI have already defined a generic set of
> video camera ioctls? Maybe we can just re-implement their ioctls (if
> they are sensible) and avoid re-inventing a new set.

This is a good thing to investigate, but the Linux kernel driver already 
has a decent set of stuff defined.  Anyone wanna investigate whether or 
not Sun or SGI has a standard for this? (Anyone have access to a IndyCam 
or something?)


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