Re: load & brightness

> Sujal Patel wrote:
> I vote for number 1...  I REALLY think that the entire driver should be 
> in the kernel.  I've implemented most of a kernel driver for FreeBSD and 
> I'll report my results as soon as I'm done (I'll be a bit delayed 'cause 
> I had to return my defective QuickCam for replacement)...

I second that vote.

> I think we should all talk about implementing xfqcam, qcam, and the other
> user programs using a kernel driver.  This will allow the programs to be
> abstracted for many operating systems (My driver for example will work
> with only minor mods for all of the BSD derivatives).

As well as many different video cameras if their drivers all conform
to the same user level interface. (ioctls and frame buffer access.)

> Also, if we are to standardize on a kernel device based system.  We 
> should discuss the interface.  Thomas has layed out an excellent 
> framework for a driver in the Linux driver, but I'd like to make 2 comments 
> about it (And the user programs that would use it):

It would be nice to have a video camera driver interface that is general
enough to work with many different video cameras. That way we can reuse
the user level tools with video drivers for other cameras as well.

Does anyone know if Sun or SGI have already defined a generic set of
video camera ioctls? Maybe we can just re-implement their ioctls (if
they are sensible) and avoid re-inventing a new set.

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