Re: erk! qfcam 1.0 is hosed in unidirectional mode

Paul Chinn writes:

 > I will add an option to use regular images instead of shared memory in 
 > my 1.01 release.  I don't know why that doesn't work on your machine 
 > unless perhaps shared memory images aren't supported by all the XFree 
 > servers.

It's definitely a shared memory thing.  I made changes to use regular
images instead of shared memory, and now it works just fine-n-dandy.
Pretty quick, too.

 > * Try Xdoom.  If it works it means one of 2 things:
 > 1. they fall back to regular images if there's no shared image support
 > 2. your machine does have shared image support but I'm doing something 
 > wrong.  You can verify it's this case by running strace and looking for 
 > the shared memory calls (shmget, shmat etc) early in the listing.

I've got another shared-memory program (wt) that I'll try.  It's
worked in the past, but I've switched to X11R6 in the meantime.

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