Re: erk! qfcam 1.0 is hosed in unidirectional mode

Paul Chinn wrote:
> > I will add an option to use regular images instead of shared memory in 
> my 1.01 release.

Great! Then it will work on my Xterminal. ( I don't have a display card in my 
Linux box, so I haven't been able to try xfqcam yet. )

Then I can find out if it works on my uni parallel :^)  tkqcam works fine on 
it, so I am hopeful.

> * Try Xdoom.  If it works it means one of 2 things:
> 1. they fall back to regular images if there's no shared image support

Doom works on my Xterminal (verrrrry slowwwwly), so they do fall back to 
regular images.