Re: QCAM 0.2 now available

> I can't seem to get xqcam to even compile.. 
> here is what it spits out...
> {root@fuz.triadtech.com:/cam/qcam-0.2}make xqcam
> rm -f xqcam
> cc -Wall -O -g -DQCPORT=0x378 -DCONFIG_FILE=\"/usr/local/etc/qcam.conf\" -o xqcam xqcam.o -L. -lqcam \
>                  -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 -lXext
> make: *** [xqcam] Error 1
> {root@fuz.triadtech.com:/cam/qcam-0.2}

Okay, try linking it with -lX11 and -lXext in the opposite order.  
Also, which version of X are you using?

If everyone who has problems with xqcam (does it work for *anyone* but 
me?) could tell me which version of X and which window manager they 
use, I might have an easier time fixing things.  Unless it's *really* 
simple I probably won't have a fix ready until Friday.  Of course, it 
might just be something small that I missed, it's hard to tell.

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