Three adjustable cameras!!

okay we now have three cameras on the web!


And they now have new features...  you can append 3 OPTIONAL numbers
to control contrast brightness and white balance.  If you don't
include any numbers, it just uses the preset default for each camera.  
this is how you do it...


will set white balance to 125
         contrast to 115
         brightness to 102

it seems like each camera varies alot and it's up to the software to
to the adjusting.  please be conservative on rip and www as they
are both on a single 64k isdn line.  But you can access fuz as much
as you want since I'm at school on ethernet (T3 :)

Dave... going to bed now...

David Chow
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
Internet:gt9351c@prism.gatech.edu, chow@cc.gatech.edu