Re: QCAM 0.2 now available

Hi. I'm having trouble compiling xqcam.  I get this:

harriet:/proj/qcam-0.2$ make
ln -sf qcam-`uname`.h qcam-os.h
ln -sf qcam-`uname`.c qcam-os.c
rm -f xqcam
cc -Wall -O -g -DQCPORT=0x378 -DCONFIG_FILE=\"/usr/local/etc/qcam.conf\"
-o xqca
m xqcam.o -L. -lqcam \
                 -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 -lXext 
ld: Output file requires shared library `libc.so.4'
cc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 6
make: *** [xqcam] Error 1

and /lib/libc.so.4 does exist.  I even copied ot to /proj/qcam-0.2
and still no go.

btw, yes I have X11R6, and I'm using olvwm (think it's inconsequential)

thanks for any help!


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