More about my QuickCam, live server push...

   Well, I was corrected before, I didn't have the first implementation
of an on-demand QuickCam.  However, I'm pretty sure that I can say that
I have the first live on-demand video server with a QuickCam, using
Netscape server-push animation.  It also successfully deals with
multiple users requesting both still and video connections simultaneously.
My only complaint is that Netscape clears the image before redrawing
when using JPEGs with server push.  So, I may try using GIF later...

   It's linked off of the same page, <http://vorlon.mit.edu/myroom.html>,
just click on 'LIVE video feed', or change your viewing options from
'still image' to 'live video' if I've enabled that feature by the
time you see this.