Re: My QuickCam on the Web (a little different...)

> Sounds similar to mine...but taken one step further.  If you never store 
> images...what happens when 2 peopel try accessing it at once?  One gets 
> an image, and the other gets a really long pause and then an image...or 
> just a busy sign?

  It depends what you mean by a really long pause.  I currently have
the page set at 320x240x6bpp (this will be viewer-selectable soon), and
it takes about 1-2 seconds to retrieve the image.  So, if there are two
people trying to access the image at about the same time, one will
wait about 2 seconds.

  If for some reason the client cannot obtain a camera lock within
10 seconds (for instance, if about 6 people try to access the camera
at once), then they will get the lock-failed image, which can be seen
at <http://vorlon.mit.edu/Images/lockimg.jpg>.

  My next steps will be to add the viewer setable parameters, and to
add a seperate program that grabs a frame every minute or so and tries
to choose the best brightness/white balance/contrast defaults.  (Actually,
my next steps will be to go to sleep. :-)