Re: My QuickCam on the Web (a little different...)

On Wed, 28 Feb 1996, Jered J Floyd wrote:

> my Connectix QuickCam on the web!  It's different from most of the
> other web cameras out there because the images are never stored on
> disk...instead they are generated on demand.  This was actually
> more difficult that it sounds...the perl script that generates the
> images is more than 3k, most of which deals with locking so that
> only one qcam tries to access the camera at once.

Sounds similar to mine...but taken one step further.  If you never store 
images...what happens when 2 peopel try accessing it at once?  One gets 
an image, and the other gets a really long pause and then an image...or 
just a busy sign?

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