My QuickCam on the Web (a little different...)

   After several hours slaving over a hot keyboard, I finally have
my Connectix QuickCam on the web!  It's different from most of the
other web cameras out there because the images are never stored on
disk...instead they are generated on demand.  This was actually
more difficult that it sounds...the perl script that generates the
images is more than 3k, most of which deals with locking so that
only one qcam tries to access the camera at once.

   It can be seen at <http://vorlon.mit.edu/myroom.html>, or you
can skip right to the image with <http://vorlon.mit.edu/cgi/snap.pl>.

   The Perl source for this is not yet available, but I will probably
release it after I add a few more features.  Also, the web page above
[has|will have] a form to send me a message if I'm sitting at the
computer, and I plan to add Netscape auto-refresh, and setable
camera options.

   Comments are welcome...

--Jered Floyd