Re: linux/python quickcam

Excellent Dave!  

Has anyone thought of add multiple accesses to the kernel module?
I can think of three things that might want to take a snapshot from the cam.
	- nv
	- webserver
	- xqcam
Maybe the code can we written so that more than one can access the cam at the
same time if the parameters are the same, and if not, the request could be
queued up?


Dave Mitchell wrote:
>   I've gotten my python quickcam module working, with support for snapping
> images and output in raw, pgm, or gif format.
>   I also have a server-push program which snaps images and pushes them 
> out to you as they are taken - the image NEVER hits the disk! This, combined
> with the apache web server that has the python interpreter compiled into
> it, give pretty good results!
>   Here is the link:
>     http://roach.magnet.com/snoop/snoop.py
>   If you get a directory listing you'll see the code for the programs
> involved - you'll have to get the files *.txt because if you try the
> *.py ones it will try to execute them.
>   Two requests though- please don't bookmark this link, as it may or may
> not stay up for a while, and since there's no locking right now, if you
> get strange results, wait a minute or so and press reload..
>   Most of the server stuff and the source for the quickcam module (not up
> to date) are available in ftp://roach.magnet.com/python
>   Can anyone tell me more about ZOOM? I tried to use it, but it just
> locked my pc up tight every time...
> 							Dave Mitchell
> 							davem@magnet.com

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