linux/python quickcam

  I've gotten my python quickcam module working, with support for snapping
images and output in raw, pgm, or gif format.

  I also have a server-push program which snaps images and pushes them 
out to you as they are taken - the image NEVER hits the disk! This, combined
with the apache web server that has the python interpreter compiled into
it, give pretty good results!

  Here is the link:


  If you get a directory listing you'll see the code for the programs
involved - you'll have to get the files *.txt because if you try the
*.py ones it will try to execute them.

  Two requests though- please don't bookmark this link, as it may or may
not stay up for a while, and since there's no locking right now, if you
get strange results, wait a minute or so and press reload..

  Most of the server stuff and the source for the quickcam module (not up
to date) are available in ftp://roach.magnet.com/python

  Can anyone tell me more about ZOOM? I tried to use it, but it just
locked my pc up tight every time...

							Dave Mitchell