Yes!  We have a green light!  Connectix is making the QuickCam
documentation available without nondisclosure!

However, not everyone at Connectix is convinced this is the right
thing to do.  Since we have stood up and said "We'll PROVE to you that
you should support us", we now have to make our words true.  We need
to show Connectix that they have made the right decision.  We should:

 1) Write software using this documentation (that's the fun part).
 2) Tell everyone that Connectix has the right attitude and should be
 3) Buy a QuickCam.  Or two.

Connectix is still (reasonably) concerned that they not end up
supporting our software, so they will have a disclaimer contract to
sign that says several reasonable things, like "I will not refer
people to Connectix for support", and "I will not ask Connectix any
questions".  After signing that contract, you can mail or fax it to
them.  They haven't written it up yet, since the decision has just
been made.  Once it's available, I'll tell you-all how to get it.

The documentation will not be freely copyable, because they want to
ensure that modified versions are not published, and because they want
to know how many people are making use of it, and because they want
the disclaimer contract signed.

AND, the other advantage of registering for the developer's program
(by signing the disclaimer) is that you can purchase a QuickCam at a
discount!  Yes, they are serious about supporting us developers.  And
we need to be equally serious in supporting them.  So tell everyone to
go buy a QuickCam, because all sorts of software will be available for
it soonest!

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