Re: Yes!

> Yes!  We have a green light!  Connectix is making the QuickCam
> documentation available without nondisclosure!

So, does this also mean they dropped the stupid part about "if you
develop something good, create a market for it, and we decide to
enter that market, you lose your product and market share" clause?

If so, then I can work on getting corporate support for the Linux
software side of it..

If not, then it's still bad.

> AND, the other advantage of registering for the developer's program
> (by signing the disclaimer) is that you can purchase a QuickCam at a
> discount!  Yes, they are serious about supporting us developers.  And
> we need to be equally serious in supporting them.  So tell everyone to
> go buy a QuickCam, because all sorts of software will be available for
> it soonest!

Thought about it..  At the time, I didn't think they would of been happy
having to support somebody hacking their hardware (against their wishes)

Finally, some common sense appears..

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