Re: so, what now?

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Thomas Davis wrote:

> Sure.  Not a problem.  I've had only real helping hand, and his camera
> is broken (or was..).  Sunday night I plan to release another version
> of the driver, and hope to have some sample apps with it..  (ie, xqcam
> now runs using the kernel driver I've developed.  Runs nice and smooth,
> with no real flashing or changes..)

My camera is still out--  It was shipped on Tuesday, so it's en-route to 
me as we speak.  I don't expect it will take me long to finish the 
driver.  I also have another FreeBSD guy who wrote a driver, and we're 
gonna merge our work together when I'm done.

> The biggest problem I can see with a kernel based driver, is how to
> detect when the camera has messed up without hanging the kernel or slowing
> down the read loops.

I'll take a look at your driver..  I used to be a Linux hacker myself, 
and I have already figured out how to do this in FreeBSD without costing 
CPU cycles-- I'll try to do the same for your driver.

Also, for any folks out there who run NetBSD-  I expect to port the 
FreeBSD driver over to NetBSD next week.