Re: mpeg encoder

Nelson Minar writes:

 > For my $0, all I want is for my qcam software to make snapshots every
 > N milliseconds and store them to disk as fast as it can. MPEG encoding
 > is slow - I'm happy to do that offline. I'd also like the ability to
 > make AVIs. I'm working on hacking up storing frames into xfqcam, maybe
 > using a timer, as well as letting xfqcam throttle itself back.

Hmmm...  I'm hoping that the MPEG encoder can deal with frames that
don't arrive at a constant rate!  If it needs a constant rate, then we
need the QCam driver to throttle back the frame rate until it can
predict that it will really be able to generate the frame rate that
it's asked to, even in view of changing system load.

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