Re: mpeg encoder

Two years ago I made some MPEGs out of some raytracer output
(http://www.santafe.edu/~nelson/mpegs/). I used Berkeley mpeg_encode
and their filters to turn a list of PPM files to an MPEG. It wasn't
too hard, but the results weren't great.

The other codec I know of (the Stanford one) required the YUV
conversion stuff and I never figured it out. I've been told it's a
better encoder.

For my $0, all I want is for my qcam software to make snapshots every
N milliseconds and store them to disk as fast as it can. MPEG encoding
is slow - I'm happy to do that offline. I'd also like the ability to
make AVIs. I'm working on hacking up storing frames into xfqcam, maybe
using a timer, as well as letting xfqcam throttle itself back.