Re: Quickcam not found with XFqcam!!

I'm having the same problem with xfqcam: not finding a camera. This on
a NEC Versa P (Pentium 75, ISA bus), parallel port 0x378 IRQ 7,
unidirectional or bidirectional. I looked with a debugger and the
toggle thing isn't happening - in qc_find, count is 0. For now I'm
just specifying the port exactly ("-p 0x378").

I'm also having trouble when bidirectional is on - I modified xfqcam
so -o takes a flag (override on or off). xmqcam isn't having either problem.

But it all basically works, and I can't get over with how impressed I
am with how fast this group has hacked up Connectix support. A week
ago I read up the archives of the list (thanks, Russ) and was so
excited I bought one myself. Tell that to Connectix - the hacker
support for Linux is selling cameras for them.