Re: stepper motor and swivel?

Ah, I left out the most important detail. I'm using Scott Edwards'
Most Excellent Mini Serial Servo Controller; it takes serial
input and controls up to 8 RC-type servos. It costs about $30,
I think, if you're willing to solder the parts onto the PC board
yourself. As soon as I find a large enough mirror I'll take a picture
of my setup and put it on a web page. As far as the electronics
go, it's extremely straightforward.

I did try hooking a servo directly to the serial port and sending
it positions by sending words with different-length strings of 1's
in them, but of course there are only 9 positions available that
way and you can only have one servo per port...

I don't think Scott Edwards has a web page or anything, but he
can be reached at 72037.2612@compuserve.com and you can ask him
for a catalog.

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