Re: xfqcam 1.0 released

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Doesn't work for me.  It hangs in getstatus().  I've got
> unidirectional port.
> #0  0x80019db in getstatus ()
> #1  0x8001a3b in sendbyte ()
> #2  0x8001a84 in sendcmd ()
> #3  0x8001ad0 in set_brightness ()
> #4  0x8001ba8 in set_all ()
> #5  0x80030db in main ()
> #6  0x8001895 in ___crt_dummy__ ()
> #7  0x40138 in ?? ()

Hmmm- if it hung in one of the getimage functions I'd understand, 
because I modified the handshake sequence that Thomas Had- but that path 
there is just Thomas Davis' unmodified code...  I know that he has 
bidirectional- so perhaps it does not work with unidirectional.  Any 
ideas Thomas?
Tonight I will try my camera on my unidirectional port and see what 
Is this program working for anyone?  If yes, do you have bidirectional 
or unidirectional port?

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