Re: xfqcam 1.0 released

Paul Chinn writes:
> Is this program working for anyone?  If yes, do you have bidirectional
> or unidirectional port?

I've been putting xfqcam-1.0's sequences into Scott Laird's libqcam
(so that I can use them on NetBSD), and I did find that I had to modify 
the end-of-frame sequence to remove the final handshake-hi/handshake-lo
to get things to work (the EOF sequence now just sets the control lines
of 0xF.) I'm using a unidirectional port. On the other hand, I didn't
go through the code carefully to see if maybe xfqcam was doing one
fewer handshake than libqcam was in the main get-image loop, or something
like that.