Re: xfqcam 1.0 released

On Sun, 14 Jan 1996, Paul Chinn wrote:

> I just put it up at www.1000klub.com/~loomer.  It's pretty full featured,
> allows arbitrary image sizes, zooms , bi and uni directional and
> 8,16 & 32 bit X modes.

Woohoo...no more 8-bit!  Thanks Paul!!  I'll try it when I get home today
...just saw the screenshot ..looks slick! 

> For those that are new to the list, xfqcam is a GUI based program
> similar to QuickPict under windows.  Only cooler cause it's not in
> Windows :^)
> p.s. Russ, could you put a link to www.1000klub.com/~loomer on the
> linux-connectix web page please.
> Have fun

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