Re: qcam on NetBSD

Thomas Davis writes:
 > > Real OS??? 
 > > bahahahahahahahahahahahaha

 > No OS wars here folks.  If you want to argue about OS's, please take it
 > somewhere else, or I'm out of here.
 > If it's Unix based (or look and feel), we want to support it.  Connectix
 > doesn't want to, so somebody has to do it.

Hell, I don't care if this becomes a connectix development list.  The
more people we have working on it, the better.  Now hmmm... can
anybody think of a portable way to unroll the loops in qc_scan?  I
don't think an unrolled C implementation is going to be fast enough
because of the need to keep the I/O port in the DX register where IN
and OUT need it.  I think it'll be portable "enough" if we use ``as''
assembler source, because the DOS and OS/2 people can compile it using
their respective gcc ports.

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