Re: qcam on NetBSD

Just got my qcam, and joined this list, MUCH thanks to all who developed this 
driver. Worked great first time.

>  > If it's Unix based (or look and feel), we want to support it.  Connectix
>  > doesn't want to, so somebody has to do it.
> Hell, I don't care if this becomes a connectix development list.  The
> more people we have working on it, the better.  Now hmmm... can

Since Connectrix only wants to sell Windows and Mac Versions it would seem 
there may be lots of other people who could use this, certainly all the *nix 
people, in both the free and commercial area, but probably also the Amiga 
folks, and maybe even those Be guys.

The only unfortunate part is that by buying a Windows quick cam, I have given 
Connectrix the impression that I wanted their software, and was willing to 
help pay for the development of it.  While, in fact, if not for the efforts of 
the people on this list, I certainly would not have purchased the camera.

Given their unwillingness to help in this effort, I don't suppose there is any 
way that they could be convinced to sell a 'hardware only' version so that the 
percentage of the sales price that contributes to the software could be 
directed back to people who developed the software (I know no one has asked or 
suggested it), or at least saved by those purchasing qc's for platforms that 
Connectrix will not support.

I reallize that given the low price of the thing, this would only be a few 
bucks, but still, for some reason, it burns me to send money to Connectrix for 
something I don't want, while the people who are providing the software are  
unrewarded (or worse, hindered) by Connectrix.  WAKE UP Connectrix, these 
people are SELLING HARDWARE for you.

Any creative suggestions about what I can do with an unopened licence to use 
Connectrix Windows software?  Please try to keep all suggestions anatomically