Re: QCAM 0.3 now available.

Scott Laird writes:

 > Not that I want to write (or support) slow code.  I just think there 
 > are more important things to deal with right now.

Get it right, then make it fast.  Don't try to make it fast until it's
right -- that way lies madness.

 > Ideally, people will use the autoprobe to find their QuickCam and then 
 > edit their qcam.conf file to hold the right value.  If qcam reports 
 > "QuickCam detected at 0x..." then it's using the autoprobe code, not a 
 > hard-wired address, and you should edit your config file.  I really 
 > don't like the idea of using a destructive probe routine, as it seems 
 > to screw up too many things (i.e. my printer).

:)  Right.  But why not have the autoprobe go ahead and modify the
qcam.conf file?  Here's the "right" algorithm for qcam-lib:

Default to 0 (autoprobe)
read qcam.conf
read command-line's -p switch
if zero, read each port in turn.
If not found, write a reset to each port in turn.
If still not found, give up.

And the probe program just takes the resultant value and writes it
into qcam.conf.  Seems like that gives the desired behavior in all

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