Re: QCAM 0.3 now available.

Scott Laird wrote:
> I'm about to place the next version of qcam on my ftp site 
> (ftp://ftp.nas.com/laird/qcam-0.3.tar.gz).  This is mostly a clean-up 
> release, with a lot of small bugs fixed and a lot of small changes to 
> the library code.
	I was having a major performance hit with 0.3 - I finally realized
  that it was probing ports first.  -p 0x378 makes it faster now.
  But 0.3 still runs a bit slower than 0.2.  
  Here are the best results of .2 and .3

<fuz><root></usr/local/qcam-0.2> time qcam -p 0x378 -x 320 -y 2
40 -B 6 > /dev/null
0.94user 0.02system 0:00.96elapsed 100%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k
0inputs+0outputs (0major+0minor)pagefaults 0swaps

<fuz><root></usr/local/qcam-0.3> time qcam -p 0x378 -x 320 -y 2
40 -B 6 > /dev/null
1.00user 0.01system 0:01.01elapsed 100%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k
0inputs+0outputs (0major+0minor)pagefaults 0swaps

just a tad :)

> Also, the beginnings of bidirectional support are in place.  Read the 
> readme (or qcam-lib.c) for more details.
	Also, I've set my port to both EPP and ECP.  I've noticed that
  0.3 sometimes hangs and says:

<fuz><root></usr/local/qcam-0.3> qcam-simple -p 0x378 -x 3
20 -y 240 -B 6 > /dev/null
Qcam not found
Can't get I/O permission: I/O error
Command had non-zero exit status 1

	Doing a probeqcam gives:

<fuz><root></usr/local/qcam-0.3> probeqcam
QuickCam not found on 0x378
QuickCam not found on 0x278
QuickCam not found on 0x3bc

weird... next time I reboot, I'll try turning off EPP and ECP - maybe thats
the problem...

cheers -

David Chow
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
Internet:gt9351c@prism.gatech.edu, chow@cc.gatech.edu

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