Re: QCAM 0.2 now available

re: problems with qcam.

Scott, the xqcam worked great for me- the only thing I had to modify is that you probe for
camera at 278, 378, and I believe 3b8...the last one should be 3bc.  This is what gives people
the unable to open qcam error.

Depending on what res/pal mode I'm in I see quite varying results in image quality.  Some are
crisp, clear images, others look like they were rendered with four colors: light black, lighter black,
dark white, darker white...really muddy looking.

as David Chow pointed out in another message it appears that output really varies
from one camera to another.  By the end of tonight I should have a program working
with controls to change everything on the fly to help with testing.

p.s. you did a great job cleaning up the Xcode...maybe I can get sick so I can devote
some *real* time to this thing :^)