Re: QCAM 0.2 now available

> Scott Laird writes:
>  > The big addition is Paul Chinn's X viewer, now called xqcam.
> Doesn't work for me.  It reports the frame rate, but even when I use
> the same brightness and contrast parameters that get me an image using
> qcam, I still get nothing but black, black, black.

Does it work when you tell it to use its own colormap (option -C)?  
Which window manager do you use?  I'm using mwm, but I can swap for twm 
or fvwm for testing -- I know they deal with colormaps differently.  
Also, what else do you have running?  If something like Netscape's 
using all of the default colormap xqcam's not smart enough to 
automatically flip to a private map.

I assume the stardard 'qcam' is still working?

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