Re: QCAM 0.2 now available

> I can't even get it to work!  I get:
> martian:~# qcam test
> QuickCam Locked.
> Cannot open QuickCam; exiting.

It doesn't care about lpd.  The locking mechanism creates a file in 
/tmp called LOCK.qcam.<port>.  Check to make sure that this file 
doesn't already exist and that you have space in your /tmp directory.  
I guess I'll have to add a lockfile reaping mechanism, <sigh>.

Also, running it as "qcam test" won't hurt anything, but it won't 
accomplish anything either -- qcam will ignore the "test" and still 
output everything to standard output.  Redirect qcam's output to a file 
and it should work fine.

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