Re: Xwindows Qcam movies

> Here is my code for displaying the quickcam output in an Xwindow
> to give Real Live Motion tm.

Great!  Since I'm sitting at home with a cold today anyway, I figured 
I'd take a swing at this.  I hacked it to fit in with the most recent 
version of my code, and everything works great.  I'll try to get it on 
my ftp site tonight.  Sheesh, three versions in three days.

> known issues:
> It segfaults on exit.  64 palette mode doesn't quite work.
> only supports 4 bit image.  I think the qc_reset in the loop
> is killing frame rate, but it was only way I could get image to update.

I fixed the first two, but I think we're stuck with the last one -- 
even the Windows program seems to do this.  Since my code is faster now 
than it was a couple of days ago, I decided to reset the resolution and 
other parameters while I'm at it.  It looks nice.

> Sorry for how piecemile this source and directions are.  I was supposed
> to "libraryize" and clean it up last nite but a disk error trashed the
> whole file so I spent all last nite just recoding what I'd lost.
> I figured I'd at least get it out to people so they can tackle some
> of the things I've missed.

No sweat.  I'm going to try to add some way of varying the brightness, 
contrast, and white balance next.  

> I'll be working on it more this evening. (nothing quite like a job
> to mess with one's "hackin' groove" :^( )

I really ought to be on the couch, sleeping, but this is too much fun 

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