Re: QCAM 0.1 now available

> I'm a little bit concerned about one of the changes I made and how it 
> will impact QCAM's performance on other people's systems so *please* 
> tell me how this release works on your system.

> What I discovered was that the last version was spending way too much 
> time in a usleep call.  I discovered that on my system (P5/90) a 
> usleep(1) takes ~20 _milli_seconds while usleep(0) only takes a few 
> microseconds.  Time it -- you can only do 50 usleep(1)'s per second.  
> You *have* to have pauses at a few places when talking to the QuickCam, 
> so I wrote a hard-wired delay loop, and set the loop timer to about 50 
> times what it needs to be on my system.  I'm sure there's a better way 
> to do this, but I don't know what it is.  Yes, I tried using select, 
> and it performed the same as usleep.  Big suprise, huh?  Does anyone 
> have any suggestions?

Wy not write a kernel driver??

Would be really cool if there was a device like /dev/qcam
that is controlled with ioctls and if you open/read will
spit out images in raw pgm

Would make writing other applications and integrating
to other apps a lot easier

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