Re: Aha! Checksums?

>first 6 bytes?  I'm not getting any additional bytes.  My xwindows code
>reads exactly width x height bytes into its image buffer and puts it on
>the screen. If 6 bytes of non picture data were at the start of each 
>I would see the picture shift over slightly each scan line pushing the
>next scan line even farther over. The effect near the bottom of the 
>would be pretty pronounced.  Perhaps there is something triggering 
>Bi-Directional mode?

It appears that some people have this and some don't.  What I get are 
six pixels in various shades of gray in the upper left corner and then 
the 7th and 8th pixels down the left side of the entire picture are too 
dark.  I don't know what it is, but my image is definitely not shifted 
by six pixels.  Has anyone checked the output of the Windows program?  
Do they just mask it, or is this some sort of timing artifact that 
needs to be covered?

Either way, I've got the problem here, too, so I'll try to fix it when 
I have time.

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