Re: Success/failure?

On Tue, 2 Jan 1996, Scott Laird wrote:

> I've seen a few reports from people who have downloaded my quickcam
> program (ftp://ftp.nas.com/laird/qcam-0.0.tar.gz), but I haven't
> really heard any success/failure reports -- I now understand that the
> documentation is decidedly non-optimal, but I'm not sure if the
> program works for anyone but me.  I'd like to put out another release
> tonight, with some more documentation, a bit of code reorganization,
> and maybe a tcl wrapper around the thing.  I'd love to know if it
> works on other systems before then.  If anyone's used it, please let
> me know.

It works for me.  I had no problems with the documentation.

I have a couple of image problems:

 1) The first 6 pixels on the first scan line are usually very wrong.  The
first 6 pixels on following scan lines are sometimes a little light.

 2) At 80x60 6 bpp, every 4th pixel is darker than its neighbors.  Other 
resolutions are fine, likewise 4bpp is fine.

I'm guessing that 1) might be a timing problem or it might be in my camera. 
I'm embarrassed to report that I'm still running Linux 1.1.59.  Does anyone
else see similar problems? 

> Thanks
> Scott

And thankyou.

My next project is to put the images on my web page.  Has anyone bolted 
the software together yet.  I'm going to connect the camera to a couple 
servos so I can do tilt and pan.

Paul Haas
paulh@hamjudo.com http://www.hamjudo.com

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