Re: Foolish Me...

> Have you used the QuickCam in bi-directional mode?  What's involved, 
> and how does it work?  Neither of my ports are bi-directional, and I 
> can't test it.  I've got an ASUS P55TP4XE here that I'll be putting in 
> my system, hopefully later this week, but until then I'm stuck with 
> uni-directional ports.
> I assume there's some command to set bi-directional mode in the camera, 
> and then full bytes are read from the data port, with a similar 
> handshaking protocol?

Yes.  :-)

The mode that you send is what I believe sets that up.

Quickpic runs under Windows95 with it in bi-directional mode.

Boy, it really dogs out the system.

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