'qcam' available via FTP.

My 'qcam' program for using the QuickCam is available from ftp.nas.com 
in /laird.  At present, it works for me in 80x60, 160x120, and 320x240 
modes, in either 4 or 6 bpp.  It may or may not work for anyone else.

Here's the README:

README for qcam 0.0

This is the first alpha-test release of my control program for the
Connectix QuickCam parallel port video camera.  This program may not
work with your camera, and may damage your system if used improperly.
Use at your own risk.

  qcam [options] [filename]
      -x width   Set width
      -y height  Set height
      -p port    Set port
      -B bpp     Set bits per pixel
      -c val     Set contrast
      -w val     Set white balance
      -b val     Set brightness

The program returns one image from the camera on standard output in
PGM format.  The default resolution is 80x60, and the default port is
0x378 (LPT1).  There are command-line arguments to change these, or
you can modify the source.

This program *must* be run as root to allow access to the parallel
port.  This program should *not* be run SUID root, as it does almost
no error checking.

There is a mailing list for discussing the QuickCam and Linux at
linux-connectix@crynwr.com.  Send mail to
linux-connectix-request@crynwr.com to be added to the list.

Scott Laird
January 1, 1996.

I haven't announced this program anywhere else yet, and I'd rather not 
until people have had a chance to test it, and I've had a chance to 
write some better documentation.  I take suggestions.

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