I've got it scanning...

Just a quick note to whoever's reading the list today -- I've just got 
my first 80x60@4bpp image from my QuickCam, using a program I've 
cobbled together.  I'm planning on cleaning it up and putting it up for 
FTP ASAP, but I thought I'd say what I did first.

The camera protocol's pretty simple, like Russell Nelson's been saying. 
 The computer sends a reset sequence to the camera, followed by few 
commands, and then reads a single frame.  The program then sends 
another scan command, and reads another frame, and so on.


(all commands observed are 2-byte commands)

0xb	Set brightness
0x11	Set height
0x13	Set width
0x19	Set contrast
0x1f	Set white-balance
0x7	Start-scan
0x0d	?
0x0f	?

The camera returns just enough bytes for the scan, at least in the mode 
I'm using.  I'm planning on cleaning this up and bumping the resolution 
higher right now...