Re: 'qcam' available via FTP.

On Mon, 1 Jan 1996, Scott Laird wrote:

> My 'qcam' program for using the QuickCam is available from ftp.nas.com 
> in /laird.  At present, it works for me in 80x60, 160x120, and 320x240 
> modes, in either 4 or 6 bpp.  It may or may not work for anyone else.

I just tried it out, blindly putting in options until the bits looked 
like they were going to make a decent picture.   I got an image that 
looks like reverse video.  Works well enough for me, I'd call it a 
sucess! :)  Everything else is just tweaking. :)

Now, does anyone know of a good open-standard for video conferencing?  
Something with *source* availabe? (Nv and CuSeeme don't seem to want to 
provide source.. so I've been thinking about something that abused PGM's 
crossed with UDP and some other magic...)

Simon Janes