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On 13-Aug-97 Alex Belits wrote:
>On Tue, 12 Aug 1997 hembree@mindspring.com wrote:
>>         I would be using it for a badging application. The user space version
>> s to slow a frame rate. The high resolution camera lags by as much as 10 seco
>Low frame rate (<1fps) is caused by poor camera interface design, not by
>driver. And "lagging" for 10 seconds is definitely an application
>problem -- there simply is no place to "accidentally" buffer >2M of data
>that camera produces in 10 seconds at maximum frame rate in any existing
>or imaginable grabber unless it goes across the network, is passed
>through buffers, etc (for example, qcwebcam with Netscape can have such
>lag caused by buffering in TCP and applications).

        The delay is real. I can wave at the camera and count to ten before I se
e the wave on the screen. At 320x240, it's half that, and half again at 160x120.
There are no applications in between. I'm using cqcam-0.40b in Xwindows with the
 tcltk interface. The system I'm trying to get working is SCO ODT-5. I have a De
bian Linux installed on a laptop also, I get the same kind of results with it. 
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Date: 14-Aug-97
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