alpha questions


I've got my quickcam attached to my alpha running redhat (no slackware for
DEC's, bummer).  Currently I'm using it to periodically snag pictures and
put them on my web site.  I downloaded and compiled qcam-.7c-5 and it seems
to work ok, except for I can't seem to get any resolution above 170 x 130,
regardless of what I tell qcam.conf or use on the command line.  I've
downloaded qcam-.91, and it compiles ok, but doesn't do anything when run,
well besides the -h or -V.  Does anyone else have any reccomendations as
far as a better driver to use or something I'm potentially doing wrong???
The only real alteration I made was to specifically tell the driver which
port to use, besides that, It's still pretty much the default everything.
Any tips welcome.