Re: InterestedRe: color quickcam and linux

  I'm involved with a project where we're using MBone tools for 
language teaching, ie vic, rat, wb etc., but designing our own 
'easier' interface to them. We're using both Linux :) and Win95 :( 

>> hembree@mindspring.com writes:
>>  >         I would be using it for a badging application. The user
>>  > space version has too slow a frame rate.
>> This is the biggest problem with a quickcam.  It takes too much CPU
>> time for too low a frame rate.  My feeling is that they MUST move to a

We too are finding that the QuickCam frame rate is just too slow, and have
reluctantly bought a bt848-based capture card (Hauppauge WinTV/pci) with a 
Hauppauge camera (cost around GBP200 total) to play with instead. The quickcam
is looking rather dated now, though its big advantage is its third-party
support (thanks!)

Stew Benedict wrote:

> I've been trying to get this thing running under Linux, no luck so far.
> I got the bt848 driver for the Miro PCTV card that comes with the EggCam,
> the module loads OK, but when I try to do a grab, it locks my machine up
> hard.  Wrote the author of the driver, but apparently he's tied up with
> other things.  I'd LOVE to see this thing working under Linux.

With the WinTV card, the bt848 driver worked fine, and gave a very good image.
BUT, the image is pushed directly into the video memory somehow, and is very
dependent on the graphics card you're using (mine's a Matrox Millenium). Many
cards just won't work at all; there's a list on the Hauppauge web pages (not
sure if this is specific to the Hauppauge cards). There are also problems (I 
heard somewhere) with Pentium Pro chipsets not liking the board itself. 

We'd love to use this card for our project, but no-one has written a grabber
for vic for this card type, as far as I know. Does anyone know of work that is
ongoing to do this? Writing grabbers is a bit out of my expertise, though if
no-one else writes the code, I may have to learn... :-)

Sorry if this is getting a bit off-topic, but there doesn't seem to be a bt848 
mailing list (does there?).

Grace and Peace,
Gary Stringer


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