bt848 grabber (Was: Re: InterestedRe: color quickcam and linux)

Hi !

In message <m0wyf2e-000LOyC@eeyore.ex.ac.uk>, Gary Stringer writes:

> We'd love to use this card for our project, but no-one has written a grabber
> for vic for this card type, as far as I know. Does anyone know of work that i
> s
> ongoing to do this? Writing grabbers is a bit out of my expertise, though if
> no-one else writes the code, I may have to learn... :-)

There is a grabber driver available for bt848 that emulates matrox meteor and
can be used under Linux with the version of vic that has meteor support.
The sad thing for us europeans is that PAL support is missing.
NTSC is hard coded into the driver. I have however tested the driver + vic
(with a PAL camera and an Happauge card) and I was able to get a distorted
b/w picture.

The software is available at ftp://ftp.parker.boston.ma.us/pub/mbone/