Re: Is Quickcam still a good deal?

On Jul 14,  1:54pm, Russell Nelson wrote:
> This is NOT to dissuade you from doing that, but the problem I see
> with any video digitizer attached to a CCD camera is that you've got
> 	analog->digital->analog->digitized
> 	light    ccd      NTSC    video
> multiple analog->digital conversions.  Every time you do that you lose
> information and introduce distortion.

Shouldn't that be...

	analog -> analog -> analog -> digital
	light     CCD       NTSC      video capture

The charge on each CCD cell after exposure is an analog value, a voltage
proportional to the light received [or is that inversely proportional?!]. These
values are then clocked out of the CCD array. In the QC they're then converted
to digital; in a traditional analog-video camera, they are clocked out between
the appropriate H and V sync signals and amplified to the required levels... no
A/D takes place (except that a smart camera will have A/D to give feedback to
the camera's CPU on brightness, etc).

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